We've connected more than 45 000 boaters to the Norwegian SAR network. This is just the beginning.

The pioneering SAR project.

Together with Redningsselskapet and Innovation Norway, we built mobile applications and back-end services to connect leisure boaters with the Norwegian SAR network. Read about it here. (Norwegian)

I-Sea has has developed a mobile registration platform for the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. Norwegian fishing vessels can now report their catch at sea on their smartphones.

What can we do for you?

From developing new concepts to long-term operations & support; we've built applications and architected elegant solutions for a wide range of maritime businesses. Curious? Contact us!

Going for a boat trip? Plan, enjoy and log your boat trip with Embark – our international consumer boating application for mobile devices and personal computers.

Pushing technology at scale.

We're building Embark on in-house technology – from self-made vector charts to weather forecasts, marine location search and user generated contet. We know what it takes design, build and operate systems at scale.